To make you feel at home, we'd like to tell you a little about ourselves and this delightful little place called Christy Mae's Restaurant.

Christy Mae's Family

Because Christy Mae's is a family owned and operated enterprise, where better to begin than with the Tricarico family portrait on the north wall of the restaurant? It was painted several years ago, so we may look a little different now.

Grandma Gert and Grandpa Andrew are on the left; next is Grandma Tricarico, Joe Tricarico, a retired police officer of twenty years, and his wife Jane, also known as "Mom," follow; and finally, brothers Joseph, now a doctor of anesthesiology and Andrew, dressed in a smoking jacket representative of his earlier fraternity days.

With a combination of Joe's public service experience and people skills, Jane's knack for baking, Andrew's cooking ability and the family's strong desire to succeed, we opened our first restaurant, The Sandwich Company, in March of '83. After two and a half successful years of operation, we sold the business to friends who have, in the same tradition, continued on.

In June of 85', we purchased Christy Mae's Restaurant from the Christy Family who, soon after, opened another eatery here in Albuquerque. While this story may be confusing to some extent, our place in this is actually quite clear. The Tricarico family owns this one and only very special restaurant.

We are not a link in some corporate chain or owners of a franchise. We are family managers who pride ourselves in consistent food quality, good value and friendly service in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. We believe in healthy sized portions and use only the finest ingredients available. We enjoy cooking from scratch daily to create our fresh soups, stews and chicken pot pies. These ideals are the foundation of Christy Mae's success.

We, the Tricarico family, realize that without you, there would not be a Christy Mae's Restaurant. We hope that you are satisfied on every visit and we thank you for your continued patronage.

Joe, Jane & Andrew Tricarico, Larry Ashby